Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptation Project Idea

One of my ideas for this project is adapting graffiti art into 3D game environment. So different the different graffiti could be a different level of the game with new objectives and collectables.
This work if found on graffitistreet store.
This work would be a laser tag battle field, with a search and destroy mission. 

This work is by Perol titled sugar blast.
The could be collectable type of level with the aim of fighting off mutated candy and collecting the spoils once the creatures have been defeated.

This work is by Sofles
This would be a free running type of level, maybe a skateboarding or rollercoaster kind of mission.

This work is by Viper627 titled life is sweet.
This could be a botanical type of level where the aim could be to collect plant nectar or they have to navigated the plant maze in oder to survive.

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