Friday, 8 January 2016

@Alan/Phil: New info graphic ideas

The conventions of ...

...being a clown.

...being a crime detective. in a busy city.

...getting into your dream career.

...become an elite athlete.

...being a good mother/father.

...going green.

...learning how to drive.

...being a suicide bomber.

...being a shrewd baby.


  1. Detective, Suicide Bomber or Clown, with the first two having priority. These are the most interesting. You should consider how many conventions you would like to have in your infographic, the one you can think the most for, could potentially be your final choice.

  2. I liked the suicide bomber as well, but I was just thinking of ways to do it without being offensive or placing my own prejudice into it. My first pick was actually living in a busy city, being African in a first world country, I could show what is usually envisioned as a busy city from that perspective.

  3. I still think crime detective the best.