Sunday, 25 January 2015

@Phil, New idea


  1. Hey Ridge,

    I was with you right until you included a magical vending machine! In a world with magical vending machines that are teleportation devices, it's hard to worry about the reality of someone being imprisoned.

    I like the idea of someone smuggling their way out of prison by climbing inside a vending machine; I just wonder if you could set up a narrative when the prisoner goes through all the effort of climbing inside a vending machine, getting out - only to discover that the vending machine is being moved to the prison warden's office or worse, to the police station... I can see how that might end with him in a shoot out (and then at the morgue).

    That said, the idea of magical vending machine is, by itself, a nice one; maybe the vending machine looks normal, but sucks people inside of it? Maybe it's a story about a 'haunted' or possessed vending machine that kills people? To me, it's the mix of realities in your first story that doesn't quite fit...

  2. hahah ya I was chancing with that final scene. The idea of the prisoner getting stuck in the machine was something I had considered, so ya ill work on that idea a bit more. Thanks