Thursday, 29 January 2015

character design sketch

I'm trying the match the head with the body. Kinda like these three combination, just need to polish it up. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi Ridge,

    I can't help noticing the aversion to their hands! I suggest you adopt a more stylised approach to character design; here, you're drawing in a hybrid way - a push towards realism in the faces and a more shape-derived approach to the bodies. Although your story is indeed set in a prison, it is ultimately a black comedy, so you could afford to stylise things in a more 'for animation' way; for example:

    I think you need to go a bit broader, a bit more exaggeration and a more clearly 'shape' driven approach - otherwise you might end up just 'sketching humans'...

    PS - your story is good to go, but don't over complicate it : ACT 1 - prisoner fakes death and escapes : ACT 2 - prisoner climbs inside vending machine: ACT 3 - the twist.

    In terms of design, the characters in the morgue can be mere silhouettes or shadows; they're not important really; likewise, in terms of your approach to the design of your environments, you can go much more stylised and 'pared down' - we don't need lots and lots of information to know we're in a prison or in a morgue etc: consider this adaptation of the Tell-Tale Heart in terms of really essentialised storytelling and and great style around a macabre subject: