Monday, 19 June 2017

@Phil: Water Test

The first two are similar style and the last one is slightly more stylised which I'm liking most, but I'm not to sure if its way to stylised for the overall style of the animation?


  1. Hi Ridge - I think the 'most' stylised is promising because it doesn't have all that hectic reflection and aggression of the the more realistic versions. You'll need to get some reflectivity or slight 'glow' or sense of highlighting, just to lift it - but you should also look now at the texturing of the wooden jetty - it looks very 'minecraft' here, because it simply looks too neat and orderly and textured-by-numbers - you'll need to extend the bold art style to these other components in your world so everything just gels nicely together as a coherent world :)

  2. Hi Ridge. Can you check your university email please. You'll find an email in there from me about settings and the deadline for new designers. Let me know if you have read it and understand. Thanks

  3. Hi Ridge. Can you check your university email please. ASAP