Thursday, 9 February 2017

Novel Description

Malorie: Has a coat, her blindfold is damp and is irritating the skin behind her ears, she hears the paddles slice the water,  fish splash in the river, imagination: do trees line the banks, houses lining its shore, bird of pray calls. She wears pants, pain in Malorie's shoulders is so deep (she imagines the outlining wound). She invisions the grey world beginning to spin like thick slug edging towards the drain. She faints; her hands falls from the oars. In her mind everything is watching her.

Boy: Is small for his age, he wears a shirts which is to large for him(adult), dark hair,
Girl: Is average size for her age, dress sowed from an old bed sheet, blonde hair, pants, 

The kids have dirty feet and hands, are four years old,  wear black clothes and have their own blankets

River: The waters is calm, splashes in the water maybe a fish, this could catch the boys attention, the river is a grave, something big is in water it rises and splashes, wild animals which reclaims the river,( the view is incredible if you don't mind the fog). The wind is cold, grey world begins to spin like think slug edging towards the drain.

Environment: Morning dew, it's October, Michigan state, cold, Cloudy skies, fog (not for long), river, woods, (wind, river, high squaring of birds from a distance, occasional shuffling of small animals in trees, her own breathing and heart beating, something is in the water with them:don't speak Malorie whispers)
Heat of the mid day sun which reminds her of how visible she is, sticks break. Wolf Growl heard, claws scratcheds try to come in, water splashes, heat close to her face, scratches from above made them jump( myb a bird of pray), something moved in the bushs to the left, more birds call out

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