Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Minor Project: Proposal


The idea of the project is to make a 3D production which is inspired from a child novel, 'The peculiar' by a young author, Stefan Bachmann the novel which I'll be illustrating. 
This novel is a fantasy adventure novel, based in England. In the faery slums of Bath we get introduced to characters such as Bartholomew Kettle, Arthur Jelliby and  a clock bird sparrow, just to name a few.  


For the project I want to produce a, 2 minute turnaround of a fully rigged and animated 3D character of the clock bird and Arthur Jelliby, who is a member of parliament.


I'll be looking into clock mechanics and sparrows in-order to get a better understanding of how the clock bird would move and function.
I'll also look into how parliament members dressed and act in the 1900s so I can make reference to when dealing with Arthur Jelliby. 


The modelling and rigging of the character will be stylised and a lot of the textures will be painted on.


I'll be using illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Audition and Aftereffect or PremierPro to complete this project.

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  1. Hi Ridge. This sounds like it could be a cool project. There's plenty of possibility if you search "clockwork device" or "clockwork automaton."

    Beware - steampunk and close relations are pretty oversaturated themes.