Monday, 2 March 2015

Story idea


idea 1
Hookworms are living in their post apocalypse and the struggle to survive has just begun. The hookworms begin to map out a plan of surviving and repopulating the world. They draw up a very detailed plan of where the two agents are going to be deployed, what route they should take to reach the resting/camping point most efficiently, refuel and deposit the fragile package, in order to insure the survival or their species.

idea 2
What it take to become a successful hookworm. Hookworm goes into an interview room and is questioned on what makes him a successful parasite. He explains to the interviewer all the intricate details of how he would excel as a top notch hookworm.

idea 3
A famous hookworm is walking down the red carpet, cameras flashing, for the premier of his new movie, The Invasion. The trailers run, showing amazing action scenes of him getting to stomach and depositing his eggs.

idea 4
A hookworm is being interrogated in a top secret terrorist interrogation room. The hookworm is sat under a harsh spotlight which conceals the identity of the interrogator. His being questioned on how he managed to enter a human host without being detected and wreak so much havoc.

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