Wednesday, 4 March 2015



  1. OGR 07/03/2015

    Hey Ridge,

    Thanks for being patient :) Not sure which of the 4 possible story scenarios associate with your various thumbnails, but for me, I really like the idea of the hookworm being interrogated, and his 'confession' forming the life-cycles; it's very simple, very immediate, and in terms of staging, I can see how the interrogation scenes could be created simply - black room, spotlight etc. I can see too, how the use of dialogue could very quickly get the info across, and how the accompanying 'flashbacks' mean you can focus on each stage of the infection in a very straightforward way. As I type this, I'm seeing a whole 'night vision' aesthetic too, which would give the hookworms' activities a real stealth/undercover mission quality. I can also see how the interrogation could begin with photographs of victims' feet/skin etc being slapped down on the table, and lots of statistics in terms of the extent of the infection being shouted at the hookworm, as if in the aftermath of some terrorist atrocity. I like this idea of the 4 because it needs the least preface and it can be set-up so quickly and engagingly. The technical issue is this: you'll need a script pretty quickly and you'll also need to think about how you intend to show the hookworm 'talking' - there are ways in which you could stage the action so we never see the hookworm talking - so he's always shot from behind (with the spotlight front lighting him). Anyway - things to consider - but this 'hookworm as sleeper-cell' idea is a nice one - and I can see too how you might look at programmes like 24 and Homeland etc. to get some further ideas re. graphics, sound design and staging.

    Really looking forward to seeing you develop this concept further!

  2. Can you complete the survey for me, pretty please - and let me know when you've done it - cheers!