Sunday, 18 January 2015

Script Idea

I'm still working on a script for this next project but I have a good idea of what kind story I want my animation production to depict. So the three components I pulled out the box were;
location: Morgue
Prop: Vending machine
Character: Contortionist

Idea 1: 
The story is about wasted opportunities;
A career driven father loses track of what is really important in life, which is family,The father never develops a relationship with his daughter before he dies of a heart attack. Just before passing on to the after life, he has a visions of his daughter performing (ballet or something to do with contortionist). He watches her perform for the last time as she nears the end of her routine he slowly gets filled with grief and regrets as his body ghostly drifts towards his resting place.

Idea 2: 
A story about a man who was to afraid to pursue his dreams; 
This man gets suck in a dead end job, working a 9 to 5 job in a sales market. his actual dream was to be a dancer but he was never supported and was made fun of about his true passion. He feels dead inside as he goes about his normal daily routine of going to work. He gets constantly tormented by the thought of his broken dreams going unpursued dream. Over the years his overwhelming depression kicks in and leads him to take his own life.


  1. Ooh I like Idea 2, Ridge! Could you maybe have him work in a morgue, but with the same idea that he wants to pursue his dreams. He sees bodies come in who have lost their lives too early and realises that he should do what he dreams before it is too late. He could have a vision in a vending machine that he uses every day where instead of the names of chocolate bars etc, it materialises into the names of lots of different career paths that he could go for. He selects his chocolate bar which reads 'dancer' or 'contortionist', then takes his snack and you see him walk out of the building into the sunset leaving his uniform behind? :)

  2. Thanks, I thought I had commented but it didn't go through. I like your idea, I did take that into consideration for the other ideas...Funny enough, thats my least favourite idea, but I like the twist you added to the original. Really creative.